What Our Patients are Saying…

Cheryl C
Date Of Review: July 9 2019
I am a new patient of Dr Thornally and I highly recommend him.

Luisa M
Date Of Review: Jun 10 2019
I have been coming to Dr Thornally for many years. One reason is because i really like the way he does my adjustments. There has been times when i have gone to his office in tears because I was in so much pain. He helped me everytime time. I also love that he has decompression. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that has helped me. His prices are reasonable and his office staff is the best. I no longer live in Colorado but when i visit, he is on my priority list of people to see. Thank you so much Dr Thornally.

Holly A
Date Of Review: May 12 2019
I have been so blessed to find Chiropractic care that helps me. Dr. Thornalley is very kind, and always explains treatment clearly so you understand what your body needs from you. The pricing for treatment is much more reasonable than what I have seen before, and after nearly two months I can say that my back is better than it has been in years. I have found my new Chiropractor home.

Jamie Frank
Date Of Review: Mar 28 2019
Dr. Thornally was very helpful and informative.

Date Of Review: Oct 15, 2018
Fabulous office staff and wonderful doctor! Everyone is extremely kind, helpful, and knowledgable! Prices are great and Dr. Thornally does a great job! I would highly recommend this office.

Date Of Review: Oct 15, 2018
Dr. Thornally has been unusually thorough and careful in treating my needs for chiropractic care. He’s given me exercises as well. I really appreciate is his dedication to treating my problems with as much accuracy as possible. He also has a lovely office staff. I would highly recommend him.

Date Of Review: Oct 15, 2018
I have been a satisfied patient for 19 years. The routine health maintenance that I receive has always been effective and kept me healthy. A few times, I have needed more in-depth maintenance. It has always been accurately assessed by Dr. Thornally and extremely helpful. He is always professional and thorough. Gary Vargo

Date Of Review: Oct 13, 2018
The staff is wonderful and Dr Thornally is a caring and thoughtful practitioner.

Date Of Review: Sep 28, 2018
Thank you for giving me my life back! Going from crippling pain and numbness to being able to having feeling and do things I haven’t done in years, like simply walking properly, is amazing and feels like a miracle to me! I always feel welcomed and greatly taken care of. Thank you!

Date Of Review: Sep 24, 2018
Great care and professional service to everyone. Benefit in the medical field.

Date Of Review: Sep 24, 2018
Always friendly staff. Dr Thornally is wonderful! He truly cares about your health and gives you the tools to achieve that. They always accommodate my ever changing schedule and make me feel at home in the office.

Date Of Review: Sep 24, 2018
I have been to many different chiropractors in my life and truthfully Dr. Thornally has been my favorite. I can’t even express how much he has helped me. I also love that he provides deep compression. That has done wonders for me. Be also has the nicest receptionists.

Date Of Review: Sep 23, 2018
Dr Thornally understands what ails you and has the ability to correct it. He is a great listener which converts to the proper treatment. He has helped me tremendously along with family and friends. I will not go anywhere else for treatment! Thanks Dr Thornally.

Date Of Review: Sep 22, 2018
I feel very confident with Dr. Thornally’s treatments. I appreciate his care and concern for me.

Date Of Review: Sep 22, 2018
Dr. Thornally and the staff are extremely friendly and efficient. My wife and I have been visiting Thornally Wellness Center for several years and continue to receive weekly treatments. Dr. Thornally is completely knowledgeable in what he does and uses the most effective methods to relieve pain and improve overall health. We trust him completely with our care as he takes time to listen to our concerns and adjust our treatment accordingly. We recommend Dr. Thornally to family and friends,

Date Of Review: Sep 22, 2018
Dr. Thornally has taken extremely good care of both myself and my husband. He has been very accommodating and has definitely made a positive difference in our health. He is not they type to push gimmicks on his patients or keep them coming in when they do not need care. I feel like we have gotten both the best of care and accurate information from Dr. Thornally. You can trust what he says AND does completely!

Date Of Review: Sep 22, 2018
I have no regrets! I go once every two weeks, and have been treated very professionally. Can’t say anything negative about my treatments. I feel very good physically,and would recommend Dr. Thornally to anyone who is having problems.

Date Of Review: Sep 21, 2018
I love the excellent treatment and friendly service at Thornally Chiropractic! Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

John R.
Date Of Review: Sep 21, 2018
I found Dr Thornally to be very careful, detailed and thorough in his examination of my body. I am very pleased with his care and the way he adjusts me. Thankyou Dr. Thornally

Date Of Review: Sep 21, 2018
always friendly and accomadating. My schedule makes it hard to make appts, and Craig always fits me in.

Date Of Review: Sep 21, 2018
I was first under the care of Dr. Thornally in 2004-2009, and I found him to be competent, consistent, and thorough. When we moved back to the area this year I looked up Dr. Thornally and was delighted to find him still practicing in the area. He has not let his high standards of practice slip in the least, and I benefit greatly from being under his care again. Also to be noted, his office staff is friendly and competent as well. This entire office is focused on excellence in personal care.

Date Of Review: Sep 21, 2018
I appreciate how professional the staff is and how much benefit I get from going each time I visit. Paula is absolutely amazing and a joy to see every time I check in. Dr. Thornally was able to help me reverse the pain from an old injury and helped immensely after my car accident. He’s also been invaluable during my pregnancy so far. The staff is flexible wth my hectic schedule and I will definitely continue to see Dr. Thornally!

Date Of Review: Sep 21, 2018
For the past 3 months I have been a patient of Doctor Thornally , for a spinal condition . I got to know Doctor Thornally and his staff to be welcoming and caring for their patients . I hope to continue the progress I have made in the future . Thank you Doctor Thornally , Paula and Sarah . Elfriede Maitland ,

Date Of Review: Sep 21, 2018
Dr. Thornally is caring and gentle. I have an injured neck and am scared of manually adjusting my neck. He is understanding and adjusts it with a tool instead. Because of a pinched nerve at my injury spot, I’ve experienced my arm going numb all the way to my finger tips. After his care and gentle hands I am no longer experiencing this sensation and my hand is working properly. Thank you Dr. Thornally!

Date Of Review: Sep 20, 2018
Dr. Thornally is very personable and is genuinely looking for ways to make you feel better. I noticed a difference after the first visit. I did the 3 month plan and what a huge improvement. My back has never felt better. I go once a week now to maintain my results. Everyday I do the exercises he taught me. I’ve lost weight and I know it’s because my back feels so much better. Now I can go hiking and other activities that I couldn’t do before. Thank you Dr. Thornally!

Date Of Review: Sep 20, 2018
A very straightforward chiropractor who has always been flexible enough to keep up with my very busy lifestyle. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Thornally, and I admit to being a little skeptical. But since my treatment, I’ve never felt better!

Date Of Review: Sep 20, 2018
Over the years he has been the best chiropractor I have had. He has helped me have a better life as the results of his care. I would highly recommend him to anyone as I believe he is the best around.

Date Of Review: Sep 20, 2018
Great. I am much better. Excellent care and friendly and courteous people.

Date Of Review: Sep 20, 2018
Dr. Thornally listened very carefully to my issues after a recent car accident. He then did a more thorough check up than any of the other doctors to that point had done. He created a special plan of care to get me back up and running, including at home exercises to help my progress! He continually asked about how my body was feeling as well! Best doc ever! Paula and Sarah (front office ladies) are the BEST!!! My kids adored everyone in the office and we felt at home with each visit! Thank you!

Date Of Review: Sep 20, 2018
My experience with Thornally Chiropractic has been wonderful. Dr. Thornally has invested genuine care for me; he’s helped me regain my health and live the lifestyle I’ve dreamed of living. I recommend Dr. Thornally without hesitation to everyone I know. Each time I go in for an appointment, I’m greeted with kind smiles. I’m going to stick with Dr. Thornally because he’s earned my trust.

Date Of Review: Sep 20, 2018
Easy to get appointments, friendly, and effective. Highly recommended.

Date Of Review: Sep 20, 2018
I consulted Dr. Thornally about 5 years ago as I had pain in my upper back, and associated headaches, I had never consulted a chiropractor before. Dr. Thornally took x-rays of my back and began regular adjustments. I needed to learn what to expect, how to use ice, how often adjustments were necessary, other exercises which are useful. Now, I see Dr. Thornally weekly . A good chiropractor is like a basic food group in my health maintenance.

Date Of Review: Sep 19, 2018
Before I started seeing Dr. Thornally I suffered with tingling in my chest, ear and nose. My PCP told me that I had some degeneration and bone spurs on my spine several years ago and had me going to physical therapy with no change. I tried Dr. Thornally on a whim and because of his prices. My level of activity has increased to a crazy level. When I started I couldn’t hardly carry my baby. Just this weekend I built him a cedar play place…solo! Rawr! Thx doc!

Date Of Review: Sep 19, 2018
I have been a patient at Thornally Chiropractic for about 20 years and have been helped greatly in keeping my spine in line. The adjustments have helped me to age more gracefully and have helped me to keep my body moving.

Date Of Review: Sep 19, 2018
Very professional, qualified and caring.

Date Of Review: Sep 19, 2018
I’ve been a patient of Craig Thornally for about six years. I have a couple of cronic issues with my spine and I had seen several chiropractors previously and wasn’t getting any results. They were either too rough or what they were trying wasn’t working. Craig systematically found a treatment that works! He has continued to keep my back in tune and truely improved my life.

Date Of Review: Sep 19, 2018
Dr. Thornally has cared for our family for over 10 years when we first took our infant daughter to him when she was six weeks old and had severe Torticollis. Our entire family of nine is adjusted by Dr. thornally regularly. In ten years his cared has helped us through a shoulder injury, migraines (gone now!), ear aches, comfort during pregnancy and General back and neck pain. We firmly believe in chiropractic care as an area of medicine that can heal the body!

Date Of Review: Sep 19, 2018
Great experience. Feeling good, need to get back for another adjustment.

Date Of Review: Sep 19, 2018
Dr Thornally has been a true blessing to our family. Our entire family has been visiting this office for over 12 years now. I really appreciate the time Dr. Thornally takes with us. He understands our “construction” lifestyle and is always there to put back into place what we may have dislocated working. Office staff is efficient, and always greets us by name! Highly recommend!

Date Of Review: Aug 28, 2018
I have been in pain for 20 years. It gradually got to the point where it was affecting my ability to work. After only a few sessions of decrompression my back pain is virtually gone. The pain in my hips are gone. My posture feels unnaturally straight even though I’m just standing normal now. My posture was that bad. As a Chiropractic office, Dr Thornally and his team are attentive, thoughtful, accommodating and an overall good people. I actually enjoy my therapy and look forward to it!

Ami B.
Date Of Review: Feb 27, 2018
I started seeing Dr. Thornally about 2 months ago with a groupon. I knew from a previous x-ray a few years ago that I was in trouble with my back but I figured with words like “degeneration”, my current quality of life was the best it …

Michelle N.
Date Of Review: Sep 27, 2017
Dr. Thornally worked on my TMJ and it feels a lot better!Thanks Dr. Thornally.Your office is a pleasure to come to, and your staff is awesome!